Heaters of the Elstein HLS series are particularly suitable in plant construction, in which customer-specific special solutions are developed and for applications that require high performance.

Elstein HLS high-performance heaters are ceramic infrared rod emitters that can be used for operating temperatures of up to 1,000 °C and area outputs of up to 87 kW/m².

The HLS have a gold-plated ceramic parabolic reflector and emit up to 80 % of the energy used as infrared radiation to the material to be heated.

In this way, HLS emitters enable product temperatures of up to 700 °C or high throughput speeds. The typical operating temperature of 1,000 °C is reached in less than a minute.

Elstein HLS high-performance radiators are available in two designs with 750 W 230 V or for paired series connection with 375 W 115 V.

Standard Version

  • operating voltage HLS 230 V

  • operating voltage HLS/2 115 V

  • leads HLS 150 mm

  • leads HLS/2 90 mm

  • parabolic gold-coated reflector inside

  • UR/UL certificate for many variants


  • special wattages

  • special voltages

  • extended leads

  • power leads with ring terminals

3D-Ansicht HLS
On larger screens a 3D view of the product ist available here.

Technical data



Thermocouple Heater

  • platinum thermocouple Typ S (Pt-PtRh) as assembly kit
  • description T-HLS | T-HLS/2
  • assembly kit incl. thermocouple, TC clamp & clip


Elstein HLS emitters must be operated with temperature control in order to avoid damage from overheating.

The regulation is possible with Elstein platinum thermocouples (type S, Pt-PtRh) in connection with temperature controllers TRD 1 and other accessories or by sheated thermocouples.

IR heating panels can be assembled using mounting profiles MPO.

The national safety regulations must be complied with for the respective application, for example, the IEC or EN standard 60519-1, Safety in electrical heating installations.

Further information and safety instructions are mentioned in the mounting sheet, which is attached to each heater.

Subject to technical modifications of the products. Products can differ from illustration. Mounting and products dimensions in mm (metric).

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