Elstein SHTS super high temperature heaters were developed to increase the previous maximum possible surface rating of ceramic panel heaters from 64 kW/m² to 77 kW/m².

The SHTS heaters, produced using a hollow casting ceramic process, are filled with thermal insulation material and have a special black glaze and a gold-plated back. At an operating temperature of 860 °C, over 75 % of the electrical energy supplied is transferred to the material to be heated as medium to long-wave IR radiation.

SHTS heaters are therefore particularly suitable for use in plant construction in which special solutions have to be drawn up for the customer's specific needs and for applications requiring high outputs.

The four standard designs cover the power range from 300 W to 1,200 W and have customary market dimensions regarding the Elstein product range. Existing IR equipments can therefore be retrofitted with Elstein SHTS heaters.

Standard Version

  • operating voltage 230 V

  • ceramic hollow casting

  • leads 85 mm

  • Elstein standard socket

  • mounting set

  • integrated insulation

  • black glaze

  • golden back side


  • special wattages

  • special voltages

  • extended leads

  • power leads with ring terminals

3D-Ansicht SHTS
On larger screens a 3D view of the product ist available here.

Technical data



Thermocouple Heater

  • integrated thermocouple type K (NiCr-Ni)
  • designation T-SHTS | T-SHTS/1 | T-SHTS/2 | T-SHTS/4
  • TC leads 100 mm


The power can be controlled by using thermocouple heaters with TRD temperature controllers, TSE thyristor switching units and other accessories.

IR heating panels can be assembled using REO reflectors, REF construction sets, EBI and EBF construction elements, BSI panels as well as mounting sheets MBO.

The national safety regulations must be complied with for the respective application, for example, the IEC or EN standard 60519-1, Safety in electrical heating installations.

Subject to technical modifications of the products. Products can differ from illustration. Mounting and products dimensions in mm (metric).

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