BSI | Stainless Steel

Elstein BSI standard construction panels are high-quality infrared heating systems, which can be equipped with ceramic IR panel heaters HTS or HSR.

The ceramic infrared panel heaters are fixed to the MBO mounting sheets and are surrounded by a housing of frame and capping sections.

All housing parts consist of stainless steel (German-made) so that heaters with high power can be used, too.

The BSI construction panels are factory assembled so that the user inserts the heating panel into a steel section frame to be made on-site, and connect the panel with the electricity mains.

Elstein construction panels are suited for building infrared heating areas in any dimensions.

Standard Version

  • Ceramic infrared heaters of the series HTS or HSR, mounted.
  • The selectable heater output levels reach up to 1,000 W per heater. Mixed equipment in terms of power levels is possible. Atleast one heater with integrated thermocouple is provided for each construction panel.

Frame sections with mounting fishplates and capping sections both made from stainless steel, fitted

  • These components are used to surround the ceramic infrared heaters fixed to the MBO mounting sheets and to lay the BSI construction panel into a steel section frame to be built on-site.

AK bipolar terminal clamps, fitted and connected with heater's power leads

  • For the electrical wiring of the individual heaters in conjunction with heat resistant insulated nickel wires and the connection of the thermocouple in conjunction with the heat resistant insulated thermo line.

Mounting units enclosed, individual parts prepared for mounting at user's site

  • A mounting unit contains an angle section, up to 3 heat resistant flexible metal hoses with a length of 1 m and screw fitting accessories. The hoses are used to hold the nickel wire and thermo line and to protect them from mechanical stress. The mounting units can be fixed to anywhere on the BSI frame section.

Wiring material (nickel wire, thermo line), enclosed

  • Nickel wire (2.5 mm², max. 500° C, max. 11 A) is supplied for the electrical wiring of the ceramic infrared heaters. The thermo line (1 mm², max. 400° C) is used to connect the thermocouple to the controller. A compensating line (1.5 mm², max. 100° C) for extending this connection outside the IR heating area, is available from the Elstein product range.
3D-Ansicht BSI | Stainless Steel
On larger screens a 3D view of the product ist available here.

Technical data



Subject to technical modifications of the products. Products can differ from illustration. Mounting and products dimensions in mm (metric).

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