EBI | Stainless Steel

If there is the requirement to equip machines or systems with compact, robust and long-lasting linear infrared heating systems - while at the same time economical and technical effort for the heating should be minimized - Elstein EBI systems enable a standardized option to meet these requirements.

Elstein EBI construction elements are infrared radiation systems with housing parts made of stainless steel (German-made). EBI systems are corrosion-resistant and very stable both mechanically and thermally. They are therefore particularly suitable for applications in which such requirements shall be met; for example in the food industry.

The EBI components are delivered assembled. They can be equipped with many Elstein panel heaters, whereby a combination of different heater designs and wattages is possible.

The user simply and finally does the wiring, the attachment of the EBI elements to a profile steel frame created on-site and the connection to the electrical network.

Elstein EBI components are available in five standard lengths, which can be combined to realize radiation surfaces in any geometry and installation position.

Standard Version

  • Ceramic infrared emitters, mounted, selectable heater types of the series HTS, SHTS, HSR, FSR.
  • The maximum heater power level is 1,200 W. A mixed configuration regading heaters power and dimensions is possible.

Temperature control

  • Thermocouple emitters for temperature control are installed into the EBI components at customer's request. Accessories for temperature control belong to the Elstein delivery program.

REO reflectors for heater dimensions 245x60 mm or 122x60 mm, mounted

  • The reflectors are made of polished stainless steel. They are used to hold and fasten the radiators and to reflect the IR radiation to the direction of the material to be heated.

Housing, support and cover profiles, as well as the end pieces, all made of stainless steel, assembled

  • For installing the ceramic infrared emitters attached to the REO reflectors. Each EBI consists of a housing profile with two end pieces, a support profile with two associated end pieces and a cover profile. The end pieces of the support profile are each provided with two ring slots. The end pieces of the bearing profile have two ring slits each. Cutting the land at the ring slit releases holes to insert M20 threaded joints for the electric power supply.

Two-pole connection terminals AK, mounted and connected to the heater connection leads

  • For the wiring of the ceramic infrared heater. Accessories for wiring, temperature-resistant flexible metal hoses and screw connection accessories are part of the Elstein delivery program. The hoses are used to hold the nickel wire and the thermo wire and protect them from mechanical stress.


  • Other variants and special lengths on request.
3D-Ansicht EBI | Stainless Steel
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Subject to technical modifications of the products. Products can differ from illustration. Mounting and products dimensions in mm (metric).

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