EBF | Aluminum

Elstein EBF construction panels are delivered assembled. They can be equipped with many Elstein panel heaters, whereby a combination of different heater designs and wattages is possible.

The ceramic infrared emitters are mounted at stainless steel reflectors which are used in the lower profile space of an extruded, anodized aluminum profile with an H-like cross-section. Aluminum cover profiles close the wiring space in the upper profile part and die-cast end pieces close the front sides.

The user simply and finally does the wiring, the attachment of the EBI elements to a profile steel frame created on-site and the connection to the electrical network.

Elstein EBF construction elements are available in five standard lengths and can be combined in order to form flat or curved radiation surfaces in any installation position.

Standard Version

  • Equipped with infrared emitters of the Elstein standard series.
  • Depending on the choice of heater types and designs, the maximum possible heater surface power with a housing length of up to 500 mm can be up to 76.8 kW/m² and from 750 mm up to 38.4 kW/m².

Temperature control

  • Emitters with an integrated thermocouple can be selected for temperature control.

REO reflectors for heater dimensions 245x60 mm or 122x60 mm, mounted

  • The reflectors are made of polished stainless steel. They are used to hold and fasten the radiators and to reflect the IR radiation to the direction of the material to be heated.

Frame and cover profile

  • The frame and cover profile is made of aluminum. In the end pieces of the frame profile attached to the front, there are two M8 threads for screwing the components to a holding device which is designed by the user. The end pieces also contain a protective conductor terminal and two holes with an M16 thread for the cables to pass through. The holes are closed with a blind plug. M16 strain relief screw connections are optionally available from our delivery program.

Two-pole connection terminals AK, mounted and connected to the heater connection leads

  • For the wiring of the ceramic infrared heater. Accessories for wiring, temperature-resistant flexible metal hoses and screw connection accessories are part of the Elstein delivery program.


  • Other variants and special lengths on request.
3D-Ansicht EBF | Aluminum
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