Switching Units

The Elstein TSE thyristor switching units are used to switch the load circuits (heating elements) and are standardly available in two power stages.

Elstein TSE thyristor switching units are supplied completely with heat sink and mounting clips for 35 mm standard rails. They are not subjected to any contact wear and do therefore not cause any switching noises. They are easy to install and their service life is nearly unlimited.

The loads are switched-on at voltage zero and switched-off at current zero. This means there is no system perturbation.

The permissible voltage is 24 - 265 V for TSE 20 A and 42 - 660 V for TSE 40 A. In case of a multi-phase connection at 230/400 V alternating current mains, a thyristor switching unit must be provided for each phase.

The Thyristor Switching Units must be protected against short circuits with Elstein URG super-agile fuses. Transformers cannot be switched due to the rush effect.

Further information and safety instructions are provided in the TSE operation manual.

Elstein TSE 20

  • max. 20 A = 4.6 kW at 230 V

Elstein TSE 40

  • max. 40 A = 9.2 kW at 230 V

Subject to technical modifications of the products. Products can differ from illustration. Mounting and products dimensions in mm (metric).

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