Connection Clamps

Elstein AK connection terminal clamps - used million times, proven million times. Its high-quality and dimensionally exact steatite clamp body and the corrosion-resistant metal parts ensure perfect installation, maximum service life and stability even with mechanical impacts such as vibration or shock.

The bipolar connection terminal clamps AK enable a safe, reliable and temperature-resistant connection of Elstein heating elements with the electrical network; they are designed for cables with a maximum wire cross-section of 2.5 mm² and are attached to the mounting profile of the wiring space with the help of an enclosed screw.

In the case of rail wiring with Elstein AKs, the metal parts can be removed by the customer. The clamping body and the separate metal parts can then be used accordingly for the rail wiring.

Elstein connection terminal clamps are available in one version as standard. They are also available as special versions, e.g. Elstein mini connection terminal clamps AKM. Please feel free to contact us for any demand.

Subject to technical modifications of the products. Products can differ from illustration. Mounting and products dimensions in mm (metric).

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