Operating Performance

Elstein infrared heaters differ in their mechanical structure.

For example, the HTS series heaters have integrated thermal insulation materials, so that compared to the FSR series heaters, considerably reduced heat-up and cooling times are achieved. With the HSR series heaters the time performance was improved again by a factor of 3.

In this context, please note that the heat-up and cooling performance of an infrared heater can be more easily judged with the heat sensitivity of the skin (touchless) rather than with the eye.

For example, if a Halogen spotlight is switched off, the light goes off in a flash. But the hot glass tube continues to dissipate its stored heat to surrounding area for several minutes in the form of infrared radiation.

Infrared radiation is reflected, transmitted and absorbed.

Depending on the used IR radiation source and the properties of the material to be heated the three effects arise in different proportions.

The wanted effect, which heats the material is the absorption so that this part of radiation should be as high as possible. High parts of reflection and transmission cause a minor efficiency of the radiator. Generally the long-wave infrared radiation of the ceramic iR heater has the highest efficiency.

The efficiency of Elstein infrared heaters can reach values over 80% in radiation panels.

You can see that the HTS and FSR heaters achieve very good efficiency values even at lower heater powers. The HTS is clearly better than the FSR, thanks to its internal thermal insulation. The best efficiencies are achieved by the HSR heaters because due to their special design they transfer the energy supplied almost without losses as infrared radiation to the material to be heated.

When using Elstein infrared heaters, the limit temperatures given on each heater must be noted and observed. If it is exceeded, the ceramic and heating conductor can be damaged. Equally, when installing the heaters ensure that these are protected against knocks, impact, and moisture when cold. Due to the fixed installation of the heating coil, the heaters can be operated in any position.

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