Many Elstein Infrared Heaters have a standardized socket - e.g. the Elstein standard socket - with which they can be easily mounted on a reflector sheet. The heaters' leads have defined standard lengths, but it is also possible to manufacture heaters with longer leads. The lenght can almost be chosen to customers' demand but it should not exceed 400 mm, because then the electrical safety is no longer guaranteed.

Due to the thermal expansion, when designing plant or systems you must ensure that the infrared heaters have adequate space. In general, a distance of 3 mm should be available between adjacent infrared heaters. The installed dimensions to be observed are given in the datasheets for Elstein infrared heaters.

The service life of infrared heaters depends on the conditions of use and the heater operating temperatures. The typical lifespan under normal conditions amounts for example for a heater of the FSR series (250 W 230 V) at a typical temperature of 400°C approx. 20,000 working hours.

Unfavourable use conditions or an incorrect use of the heater can reduce the service life. Negative influencing factors with respect to service life are, for example, chemical contaminations (chlorine, fluorine, hydrofluoric acid, caustic soda, nitrogen or peroxide), excessive mechanical loads or stresses and overheating.

As a standard, Elstein infrared heaters are designed for 230 V. Sometimes however, customers want or need to use other operating voltages. Most Elstein infrared heaters can also be supplied with other voltages. Operating voltages above 270 V, however require other heating conductors than usual. The consequence is a lower durability under the same operating conditions.

Except for under atmospheric conditions, Elstein infrared heaters are also used in vacuum. They are however not available in an explosion-proof version. Nevertheless, there are technical ways to reach solutions, which enable Elstein infrared heaters to be used. We will be pleased to advise you if you have corresponding heating tasks.

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