SMD soldering describes the brazing of surface-mountable components on printed circuit boards, in electrical engineering. During SMD soldering, components are glued and soldered directly to the surface of the board. Due to the one-sided and wireless brazing of the elements, no pre-drilling of holes on the board is necessary.

SMD soldering is particularly used when great attention lies on space saving and weight reduced components. The SMD soldering enables to mount components on both sides of boards and achieves a higher component density, relative to other soldering methods.

After soldering paste, glue and the component has been mounted on the circuit board, the glue is hardened by heating and the component has been brazed.

Whether hardening of glues, brazing the components or the previous tempering of complete boards: Elstein infrared heaters take part on every step in these processes. The upper and lower heating enables a board equipment simultaneously, from all sides. Heating systems equipped with Elstein infrared heaters allow a precise temperature control even of specific heat zones.

OEM manufacturers as well as users often use heat-sensitive components for their specific manufacturing processes. Elstein here offers special solutions within shortest time. Based on your requirements, we develop infrared heaters specially made for such demands, even in small quantities or special geometries for SMD repair or soldering processes.

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