Blow Moulding

Blow Moulding describes a production process, in which hollow bodies of thermoplastics are produced. The best-known product of this process is the PET-bottle for beverages.

During the blow molding production process an already preformed plastic part, in the following named as preform, is tempered with infrared heaters in the first step. Afterwards the now formable preform is molded, commonly with a two-part tool and under air pressure.

The preform is a hollow body, which is already equipped with a bottle thread. Other plastics such as PVC or PP are used for the production in the same manner as PET.

Elstein infrared heaters are often used in heating processes of blow molding. The medium- and long-wave radiation range of Elstein infrared heaters cover the absorption capacity of the mostly transparent plastics perfectly; at the same time the highest possible efficiency in the production process can be achieved, or rather low production costs, by the use of Elstein technology, due to the high efficiency and due to the exact degree of controllability of the heating elements.

In order to ensure a constant and smooth production, especially in fully automated processes, the use of long-life and low-maintenance heating elements is necessary.

In many blow molding machines the usage of reliable Elstein heating elements prevents against unnecessary and expensive production stoppages.

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