Infrared Saunas

Inside infrared saunas, infrared warmth is used for medical and therapeutical purposes, for example for the therapy of tension or back- and joint pains. Infrared saunas are available as seat-in cabins with a lateral warmth therapy and as bed cabins with an additional warmth treatment for the back area.

Elstein has specially developed infrared elements for this application. Infrared elements that are made for the requirements of infrared sauna manufacturers and users regarding the material, geometry, function, design and installation.

For example, the Elstein IRH infrared element, produced in bi-convex design, likewise fulfills these requirements. The longish warming surfaces of the IRH provide an optimal warmth distribution.

Many Elstein infrared element series have energy saving and biocompatible temperature insulation material on the rear side, whereby the efficiency of the element is increased. Due to the direct warming effect, with Elstein infrared elements equipped infrared saunas increase the well-being, contribute to the relief of muscle pain and do have also energy- and cost-saving abilities.

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