Many premature infants, so-called "preemies" must be protected in incubators because their body functions are not yet fully working. Without aid, they cannot keep up their vital functions, such as the temperature of their body.

An incubator is a closed and transparent space in which an own microclimate is created at a constant temperature and humidity. The inwards bedded baby can be treated by lateral flaps inside the incubator.

If the vital functions of the baby are stable, it is bedded on a warming mattress. Compared to the closed incubator the warming mattress is open on the upper side.

Elstein infrared heaters provide in both cases the vital heat of premature infants, which lacks outside of mother's body.

The skin of preterm infants is particularly thin and sensitive. The moisture loss through the skin is high, so that the risk of dehydration exists. The warming energy of infrared heaters is not only absorbed by the top layer of premature babies' skin, but also of the whole body. Due to this type of heating, the texture of the skin is largely constant.

An individual warmth adjustment of the microclimate in incubators is necessary because it must be adapted continuously to the condition of the development of the preterm infants. Elstein infrared heaters offer the possibility of an exact temperature controlling that offers premature babies the very best living environment.

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