Animal Breeding

Elstein infrared elements are used both in the breeding, and keeping of animals. Many animal species are sensitive to temperature during their first weeks of life and they get vital warmth from Elstein infrared elements.

Elstein screw elements are remarkable popular in terraristic, because of their easy use, robustness and precise controllability. By using commercially available dimmers, Elstein infrared elements can be precisely regulated, and in terrariums an exact temperature is reached.

Due to the invisibility of infrared radiation to the human eye, infrared elements are also known as dark heaters. Elstein infrared heaters can be operated continuously. The day and night rhythm, especially of heat-requiring nocturnal species, is not disturbed by light.

The robust Elstein infrared elements are suitable for moist environments. Based on their largely impervious to water splashes and mechanical impingement, infrared elements are often used in terrariums for amphibians. Here Elstein infrared elements achieve, such as for example the Elstein IOT, a lifetime of typically 25,000 operation hours.

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