Furnace Building

The manufacture of industrial furnaces, also named as thermal processing plants, is described as furnace construction.

Elstein-Werk invented the first full-ceramic infrared panel heater for industrial heating tasks in 1952. This created a close cooperation with the industrial furnace construction.

Industrial furnaces allow the heating of materials. Usually closed systems such as standing furnaces and open systems, the tunnel heating plants, are distinguished.

The heating process in standing furnaces is static in a closed space, such as a chamber furnace. In open systems, also named as tunnel heating plants, the heating process is fulfilled by transporting the material to be heated continuously through a furnace. In order to realize a plant with separate heating zones, a combination of both systems by using heat locks is also possible.

For the reason that many materials to be heated have individual characteristics regarding performance and heat absorption and each industrial production line is structurally different, mainly customized solutions are developed in furnace construction.

Pre-mounted Elstein infrared systems are manufactured in any size exactly according to the needs of the customer. Standardized Elstein BSI infrared systems can be equipped for example with our infrared heaters HTS in any desired power level and adjustment.

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