Conveyor Heating

Continuous flow systems and heat treatment machineries are termed as tunnel heating plants. Products to be heated are transported continuously through these systems.

The materials can be carried by different transport systems either horizontally, vertically and serpentine, with the support of transport belts, chains or grids. Transport grids enable an allround heat treatment of workpieces through infrared heaters.

Tunnel heating plants are designed to handle large quantities and are mostly integrated into fully automated production lines. Different temperature zones can be achieved by heat lock separations. Often occurs directly after the heating process, a cooling process so that products can be further processed or packed directly. Continuous heating plants offer a wide range of applications. This includes thermal heating tasks such as continuous drying, hardening, brazing, smoking or baking.

To avoid production breakdowns, particularly in fully automated production processes, the use of most reliable and long-lasting heating elements is extremely important. Continuous movements and vibrations require all components. The robust and low-maintenance Elstein infrared heaters, for example heaters of the HTS series, provide in a variety of tunnel heating plants a permanent interruption-free process. Especially in open heating plants, the energy-saving Elstein HTS is particularly suitable, and due to the built-in thermal insulation an enhanced transfer of radiation power is achieved.

Regarding the application and the product requirements different types of Elstein infrared heaters can be used in tunnel heating plants. Exact temperature zones can be realized by controlling each single infrared heater.

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