Food Warming

The efficient warming of food, from cooking to serving, is of great importance in the gastronomy. In many appliances for food warming Elstein infrared radiators are used, often in kitchens and as buffet warmers, in devices such as dish heatings or fries warmers.

In addition, Elstein infrared heaters are installed in equipments for plate warming. Often continuous food serving assembly lines with integrated food warmers are used in commercial kitchens. These heating lines with different heating zones, warm in the first section the plates, and then the food at serving.

Depending of the application, the individual adjustment of heating areas is important for an optimal food warming, such as it is under heating lines and at a buffet with different dishes.

Due to the good absorption capacity of radiation energy for food, Elstein infrared heaters allow homogeneous heating. Drying of food surfaces is best prevented and appearance of the food remains tasty.

Elstein infrared heaters can be controlled individually, so that a precise temperature control always enables the desired results.

In particular with the so-called shopfitting industry, Elstein infrared heaters are combined with LED lighting to improve the energy efficiency of display panels with heat zones.

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