Food Processing

By food processing, raw materials are treated industrially regarding their storability and preparation for consumption. Various heating tasks are fulfilled by Elstein infrared heaters. This includes dry cooking methods such as roasting, frying, baking and smoking as well as drying tasks and procedures for sterilization of food.

The heating tasks can be carried out continuously or stationary. Continuous heat treatment in tunnel heating plants is used for baking cookies or bread, for cooking and grilling meat or for drying of grains or vegetables. Stationary heating systems are used for example for melting chocolate glazes.

The energy of the infrared heater is almost entirely absorbed by the material to be heated and not from the surrounding air; a circulating air flow is mostly not necessary. Therefore, meat remains juicy, vegetables crispy and the flavor is conserved in the food without drying it out.

A safe and hygienic sterile environment is essential in the food processing. For this purpose Elstein infrared heaters are particularly characterized. Many have a cleanroom certificate of class I. In addition, the ceramic Elstein infrared heaters are extra resistant to mechanical action.

Different foods have individual absorption capacities of radiant energy; this affects the technical design of the heating system and the selection of a suitable heating element. Get the special Elstein service. Free trials in our company's own laboratory, rentable systems and the advice of our competent engineers will assist you by the selection of a suitable infrared heating solution.

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