Plastics Industry
  • in Thermoforming machines
  • in Vacuumforming machines
  • Heating Systems for webs of plastic materials
  • in Gelling Systems for PVC-pasted coatings
  • in machines for Shrink Wrapping
  • Heating Systems for glass fiber reinforced plastic parts


This list of applications could be continued further on. It results from the fact that heating or drying systems based on infrared are required in almost all kinds of industrial production, processing or finishing.

  • in machines for Fastening Nylon and Perlon Threads
  • Heating Systems to activate adhesives
  • Heating Systems curing epoxy resins
  • Equipment for melting on sound insulation mats
  • Ovens for preheating plastic pipes when connecting sleeve joints
  • Heating Systems for moulded laminates before punching